Electronic circuit and system design from concept to finished product. Whether you have a detailed product specification or just a general concept, Point 1 Engineering will help you quickly and economically translate your ideas into reliable, cost-effective hardware.

Point 1 Engineering offers particular design expertise in:

  - Signal Processing
  - Industrial Controls and Communications
  - User Interfaces and Displays
  - Motion Control (Including AC and DC Motor drives)
  - Power Protection, Conditioning, and Monitoring
  - Audio Electronics

Schematic Capture and Circuit Simulation. Capture your circuit design in most popular file formats. Generate netlists and bills of material directly from schematic files. Point 1 Engineering boasts a continuously updated library of over 20,000 electronic components.

Mixed-signal SPICE-based simulation, performed directly from schematic files, allows you to test your design before committing to hardware.

Printed Circuit Layout. Point 1 Engineering uses full-featured layout software with shape-based autorouting, real-time design rules checking, and signal integrity testing for fast and accurate development of reliable printed circuit boards. We have created hundreds of printed circuit boards of every shape, size, and application, ranging from high-power industrial controls, to exotic audio tube designs, to high-density, high-speed multilayer digital circuits.

Existing Product Improvement. Point 1 Engineering offers complete consultation services to help you upgrade your existing products for lower cost, ease of manufacture, increased reliability, and improved functionality.

Legacy Design Recovery/Restoration. Lost all or part of your PCB design files? Point 1 Engineering can generate new, clean PCB files from Gerber data, physical sample, or printed artwork.

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